In 2018, we took over several underperforming digital programs and, over email alone, raised on average 4 times more in our first month. We then went on to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars before Election Day. We did it with honest storytelling, using each candidate’s authentic voice.

MJ Hegar (TX-31)

When we took over MJ Hegar’s digital program in late July 2018, she’d already been through two digital firms. She’d received national attention for her bio video “Doors” that racked up millions of views online, but her previous firm was still sending out generic content. Her email performance was underwhelming, with messages averaging less than $1,000.

We got straight to work, replacing her cookie-cutter content with creative that ran toward what made MJ such a compelling candidate: her personal story.

In our first month, we averaged $5,075 an email—a more than 5x increase over her previous firm—and went on to raise $832,000 over email in the 3 1/2 months before Election Day.

We did it by weaving MJ’s story into every message, which built a strong connection between MJ and her list.

That meant her supporters were highly invested in the race when she needed them the most, raising over half a million dollars entirely over email from October 1 to November 6. MJ came within 3 points of beating a 15-year incumbent in a deep red seat.

Carolyn Long (WA-03)

We were brought on to jumpstart Carolyn Long’s digital fundraising in September 2018.

Carolyn was raising steady money online—in the preceding month, she’d raised $30,136 over email. But we reviewed her content and results, and saw that her previous firm had been sending generic content that in no way reflected Carolyn’s character or the work she was doing on the ground in WA-03. We knew there was big money being left on the table.

When we took over, we ran toward all of the reasons people were excited about Carolyn’s campaign. We got rid of the gimmicks, built her message around her field work and engagement with her district, and fundraising skyrocketed.

With our first 5 emails, we raised Carolyn Long $45,611—more than her previous firm raised in an entire month. In our first month, we raised a total of $135,326 and then went on to raise another $201,927 over email from October through November 6.

Susan Wild (PA-07)

When we met Susan Wild, she was in a tough 6-way primary and having trouble breaking through the noise. She had lower name recognition than several of her opponents and she was underperforming over email, often raising only a few hundred dollars a message. We were brought on to jumpstart her overall fundraising.

We collaborated with her existing digital team to adjust content and focus more on the specifics of her race and what made her an especially strong candidate for the district.

We also ran a separate program specifically geared toward a targeted universe of high dollar prospects we developed for her. She won her primary by 3 points, and then we took on her full digital program and implemented our strategies more broadly.

After a strong June, returns dipped in July. We re-evaluated our strategies, and went on to help Susan Wild raise over $250,000 from email alone through Election Day, when she won PA-07 in a decisive victory.