Our Services


From kicking off your campaign fundraising to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars a month online, we’ve never met a fundraising challenge we couldn’t tackle. Our top priority is to deliver the largest possible return on your investment in us.


Fundraising Jumpstarts

We offer complimentary fundraising consultations where we’ll take 1-2 hours to dive into figuring out where your natural sources of fundraising are and lay the foundation for your initial fundraising strategy or help you build a strategy to ramp up your fundraising.


Fundraising Visits

We’ll visit you at your campaign HQ—or set up shop at your kitchen table—and dive into all things fundraising. We’ll build a finance plan around your natural strengths as a candidate, identify fundraising prospects most likely to support your campaign, hone your call time message, create pledge follow-up systems, find new sources of money, and discuss maximizing your return from fundraising events.


Fundraising Consulting

We’ll guide you through the process of setting up or fine-tuning a top-notch fundraising operation. The program starts with a two-day visit, after which we’ll have a set time daily to run through any questions you have and continue pushing your aggressive finance plan forward. We’ll work with your team to continually identify new donor prospects, maximize call time efficiency, implement donor engagement strategies to keep your supporters engaged, and work to maximize returns from event fundraising. Plus, we’re available through the day whenever you need us via phone, text, and email.


Digital Fundraising

The best approach for raising the most money online is to communicate honestly and directly about who you are and what you’re passionate about. In the 2018 midterms, we turned around several underperforming digital fundraising programs for candidates whose previous firms hadn’t incorporated the candidates’ voices into their content. We’ll run towards who YOU are, not away.


High Dollar Digital

Hate fruitless call time? We do, too. Our program delivers you warmed-up call time leads—donors who are eager to talk to you. We’ll tee up dozens of scheduled calls a month from donors that aren’t on your radar—all you’ve got to do is close the deal. We’ll also raise directly from this new donor prospect universe online without you ever having to pick up the phone.